The POP Helmet represents a new generation of unique kid helmets. A POP helmet stands out in many ways. As adults, we’ve learned that a bicycle helmet is indispensable, especially for children riding their bikes in traffic. But you can’t convince children with logical arguments and commandments alone. That’s why we decided on a new approach when we developed the helmet.

Right from the start, we involved kids and their preferences in terms of style, color, and handling. We learned that it’s important how the helmet is received by other kids in their environment – even among older kids. All POP developers and designers are parents of kids who are learning how to ride a bike or are already biking to school. Even the POP packaging was created based on feedback from the kids.

Our most important goal was to develop a helmet that was well received by kids, that they like to wear with confidence, just like a cool backpack or their favorite sneakers. Children’s helmets are only safe when they actually choose to wear them.


KED POP Keyvisual


Our new POP helmet generation incorporates our entire 30 years of expertise as a helmet specialist with a particular passion for children’s helmets. In the particularly demanding German specialist trade, KED has been the number 1 supplier of children’s helmets for years. Our popular helmet, MEGGY, has proven itself to millions of children as the “first” helmet with an actually perfect fit and convincing quality.

KED POP Helmet Rendering MIPS System


The initial experience on 2 wheels can vary quite a bit: riding your bike to daycare or school, the first trip to the bike park, or a fun bike ride with the parents. Falling is also part of learning to ride a bike, allowing kids to gain experience through proper self-assessment. The POP safety concept can withstand all these situations and defines a new level of safety.

At the core of this development is the fully integrated MIPS Brain Protection System, which demonstrably reduces the rotational impact on the brain. The growing brain is particularly sensitive to forces acting at an oblique impact angle. Therefore, we have chosen the MIPS-Evolve system for the new POP helmet, which is fully integrated into the EPS inner lining instead of being added as a feature afterwards. Consequently, unlike other helmets, the POP helmet is not available without the MIPS system.

We have specifically adapted the newly developed HSL EPS inner shell to the ergonomics of children’s heads. In other words, it isn’t simply a scaled-down shape from the adult range. The shell provides safe shock absorption in the event of a fall or impact with obstacles. The inmold manufacturing process guarantees a durable and stable bond between the inner and outer shell. The intergrated shield is not only a design feature but also provides additional protection for the temples and forehead area. An extended protection zone in the back of the head completes the safety package.

Innenschale des Pop

Rotational movement – Why is it so harmful?

The human brain is amazing – but fragile. During an angled impact, rotational motion can put stress on brain tissue, which can lead to serious brain injuries. If you’ve ever suffered a concussion or an even more serious brain injury, rotational brain motion was most likely the cause.

POP Helmet Bike Brain Mips 3D Rendering
Productcard MIPS Evolve

Better ventilation, optimized fit

MIPS® EVOLVE – one of the world’s best helmet safety systems. With optimized fit, improved ventilation, and an even lighter structure, Mips Evolve can reduce the rotational force applied to the head during oblique impact angles and is perhaps the most widely used helmet safety system in the world.

POP Helmet MIPS System


A helmet should not be felt, even after hours. That’s why POP kids can enjoy extreme comfort. That’s another important criterion for the acceptance of a children’s helmet. Comfort starts with the fit. This is where we’ve put all our experience to work. A particularly flexible adjustment system prevents all pressure points. The finely graded K-Fit adjustment system makes it child’s play to fine-tune the helmet. In the center of the rotary knob is a switchable flashing LED for maximum visibility in road traffic.

KED POP Helmet Inside View

The high-quality and moisture-absorbing microfiber lining keeps the head pleasantly dry. And the intelligently designed ventilation system ensures optimum airflow, even at high temperatures. Just as a good children’s bike should be particularly lightweight, keeping the weight of a helmet as low as possible is also a key comfort factor. Through innovative engineering we have found the perfect balance between lightness and safety of the helmet structure. The snug strap system features particularly supple material and easy handling for children. In the basic setting of the strap system, parents should initially lend a hand and determine the correct fit of strap distributors and strap length.


  • Inmold technology
  • Fully integrated MIPS Evolve Brain Protection System
  • Ventilation system with 8 vents
  • Quick-drying, washable microfiber lining
  • K-FIT adjustment system
  • Flashing LED light with 2 additional reflectors
  • Buckle with chin pad
  • Soft straps with K-Strap Holder


The POP design is the key to its acceptance by kids. In this case, design only refers to the shape and the colors, i.e. everything that makes up the look of the helmet. We asked kids. Parents had no say in the matter.

Yes, kids of all ages have an opinion about things they are expected to wear. And we quickly found out exactly what kids dislike about the look of other kids’ helmets: “too childish, too cute, too sporty”. Our design team accepted the challenge. A minimalist, almost timeless style with no frills ended up being the clear favorite of Generation Alpha.

Partly inspired by a skater look, partly by dirt bikes, but above all pure style. When it came to colors and decors, it also quickly became clear: “No bears and unicorns, please. “We want clear, beautiful colors to match our hoodies and jeans – and definitely cool black, please”. Said and done. The new POP collection, with YOU in mind!

Tip for the purchase

Size matters. Even though POP’s smart K-FIT adjustment system allows for a certain degree of adjustment, the head circumference (measured in cm) is the most important guideline to choose the perfect size. If the selected helmet is too small, even the adjustment system cannot be a solution. The shape of the head also plays a role. 100% safety can only be achieved trying a helmet on at one of our specialized retail partners. For online buyers we offer the following recommendation:

S > head circumference 48–52 cm [19”–20.5”] (available from December 2021 on)

M > head circumference 52–56 cm [20.5”–22”]